Pacquiao vs Mosley Showdown in May 2011

Buzzing news worldwide yesterday is the announcement of the Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight in May 2011. It was confirmed that former three time world champion Sugar Shane Mosley was picked by Arum and Pacquiao team as his next opponent on May 7, 2011. The fight will be at the Welterweight level (147 lbs) and happening at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pacquiao vs Mosley Fight
Pacquiao made the announcement on his 32nd Birthday Party. He just recently showed the world again his ferocious punches defeating badly and bloody the Mexican Tijuana Tornado Antonio Margarito on their Nov. 13 bout. Now, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao has eighth world title on his waits! On the other hand, Sugar Shane Mosley is a former three time world champion and no. 3 pound for pound fighter. He defeated as well Margarito via TKO on their 2009 fight but he loss on his May 2010 fight versus Floyd Mayweather Jr..

We will be updating the play by play coverage leading the Pacquiao vs Mosley Showdown! So are you ready for the bout?

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Fight Match Results

The action packed and the best fight of the year has finally ended. The verdict for Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito title match has clearly concluded. Pacquiao won via unanimous decision. Below is the complete and full Pacquiao vs Margarito Results including the televised and untelevised undercard bouts.

Main Event PPV
  • WBC Super Welterweight Championship - Manny Pacquiao demolished Antonio Margarito via 12-round Unanimous Decision (120-108, 118-110, 119-109)
Undercard PPV
  • Welterweight Championship - Mike Jones def. Jesus Soto Karass via 10-round Majority Decision (94-94, 95-94, 97-93)
  • WBA Interim Super Bantamweight Championship - Guillermo Rigondeaux def. Ricardo Cordoba via 12-round split decision (117-109, 114-112, 112-114)
  • Brandon Rios def. Omri Lowther via TKO in Round 5, 2:17

UnTelevised Undercard
  • Robert Marroquin def. Francisco Dominguez via TKO in Round 1, 1:27
  • Mike Lee def. Keith Debow via TKO in Round 1, 1:33
  • Richie Mepranum def. Anthony Villarreal via 6-round split decision (58-56, 58-56, 56-58)
  • Angel Rodriguez def. Juan Martin Elorde via Unanimous decision
  • Jose Benavidez def. Winston Mathis via TKO in Round 3, 2:23
  • Oscar Meza def. Jose Hernandez via 4-round Unanimous Decision (38-37, 38-37, 39-36)
  • Dennis Laurente def. Rashad Holloway via 8-round Unanimous Decision (77-75, 79-73 and 78-74)

Pacquiao Vs Margarito Results (Round-By-Round Recap & Highlights)

The Pacquiao vs Margarito bout was over! One of the best fight that the PacMan give to his fans and boxing aficionados. It was really an awesome clash of prowess, dedication and stability. Here's a round by round recap of the highlights inside the boxing arena on No. 13 duel between Manny Pacquiao versus Antonio Margarito. Credit to Scott Christ for full-packed action live blog during the fight.

Pacquiao begins to pick up dominating the first round over Margarito.
Dominant opening round from Manny Pacquiao, but the question now is whether Manny can hurt the iron-chinned Margarito. At this rate, he’ll wear him down, and this rate is sustainable. Manny takes the opening round without question.
On the fourth round, Manny did his damage and it was connecting/hurting Margarito. He showed speed and power combinations punches.
A HUGE round for Manny Pacquiao. This is something you just don’t see much of in boxing, or any sport. Manny Pacquiao, giving up five inches of height, 17 pounds, and 6 inches of reach, is now dominating. Margarito is falling out of this fight and getting hurt.
Round Six was the turning point! While dominating the fight, Margarito strikes back hurting Pacquiao in the late part of the round.
Margarito just can’t keep up with him. Margarito hurts Manny just as I say that! Manny gets away, but here comes Margarito! Big left by Manny! Now Manny on the ropes, Margarito throwing, and MANNY COMES BACK! Great round!
By round eight, it is clear enough that Pacquiao has the fight in bag. Margarito still exchanging some punches and steadily standing still.
Manny takes another round, but folks, this is not as one-sided as it might seem. This is an INCREDIBLE offensive display from both fighters.
In the 11th round, Pacquioa did landed punches at will on the bigger Margarito.
Now Laurence Cole, takes a look, but then they go back into the fight. Manny with three hard shots! Manny to the body, then the head! What an amazing performance. For those who know Manny Pacquiao, THIS is amazing. He’s taking a much, much bigger man apart at the seams. Margarito can’t see anything coming at him. Pacquiao is too fast, too good, and too much. Just too damn much.
A simple round 12, it was over and victory to Manny Pacquiao. He grab his eight world title on his waist as the new WBC Super Welterweight champion. He dominated the match via a unanimous decision! Congratulations, job well done!

Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito Fight Replay Online

Watch Pacquiao vs Margarito Online via stream sites on November 13, 2010 (Nov. 14 in PH) to witness the Super Welterweight showdown between Manny Pacquiao versus Antonio Margarito LIVE from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Watch Pacquiao vs Margarito
The bout is scheduled to begin at 9:00PM ET/ 6PM PT although the main event will come off after the three televised under-card fights. The battle has come to its finale! Who do you think win the vacant crown? It's a fight of an opportunity for both boxers.

Update! Pacquiao victoriously grab his eight world title by defeating Margarito via Unanimous decision. See the full results and the fight replay will soon be updated once I got it online. Congratulations to Rep. Manny Pacquiao and my respect to Antonio Margarito for a great fight he had showed to us!

Pacquiao-Margarito Official Weigh In Results

The Pacquiao-Margarito official weigh-in a day before the bout on Nov. 13. The event place is full packed of fans and boxing enthusiast. The event has some things surprising where Margarito scaled right at 150lbs on weighing scale (some says he's quietly cool and drained) and Pacquiao who weighs light @ 144.6lbs.

Pacquiao Margarito Weigh-in: Undercard Fight Weights

WBA Interim super bantamweight title

Ricardo Cordoba: 121 lbs
Guillermo Rigondeaux: 121.5 lbs

Mike Jones 145.5 lbs
Jesus Soto Karras 148 lbs

Brandon Rios 140.25 lbs
Omri Lowther 137.5 lbs

Non-Televised Undercard Bouts

Dennis Laurente 146.5 lbs vs
Rashad Holloway 147 lbs

Oscar Meza 137.5 lbs vs
Jose Hernandez 136.5 lbs

Richie Mepranum 112.75 lbs vs
Anthony Villarreal 112 lbs

Jose Benavidez 140.25 lbs vs
Winston Mathis 141.75 lbs

Roberto Marroquin 125.75 lbs vs
Francisco Dominguez 126 lbs

Mike Lee 175.25 lbs vs
Keith Debow 172.25 lbs

Juan Martin Elorde 131.25 lbs vs
Angel Rodriguez 132.5 lbs

Here you got the official Pacquiao vs Margarito weigh-in. Catch the blow by blow and exclusive videos of the fight. Get the latest Pacquiao-Margarito results and highlights here!

Final Pacquiao-Margarito Presser Photos

The final press conference of the Pacquiao vs Margarito fight which was held on November 10 at the Dallas Cowboys. The event is jam-packed by supporters, boxing pundits, organizer and the fighters. Days before the bout has been controversial where Margarito, Rios and their trainer has been personally hitting Freddie Roach Parkinson disease.

The conference has drawn a lot of attention which the battle of trash talking was always present. So, don't forget to Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito in a battle of History vs Redemption.

Watch Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 Episode 4

Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 Episode 4HBO proudly presents the finale episode of Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 series on November 12 at 9:30-10:00 p.m. ET/6:30-7:00 p.m. PT. live from HBO. The episode 4 of HBO award winning series has come to an end. The final glimpse on both fighters has come to an end.

Catch the Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 episode 4 which will unwraps the last training session that boxers have done then proceed to Dallas Cowboys Stadium with the official boxers weigh-in and pre-fight conference. The fight is coming as the heat is rising in the anticipated action-packed Pacquiao vs. Margarito bout on November 13.

Brandon Rios vs Omri Lowther on Pacquiao-Margarito Undercard

Undefeated Brandon Rios takes on Omri Lowther as the replacement co main fight of the Pacquiao vs Margarito bout on November 13, 2010. The original fight card which was changed due to an injury with middleweight contender Kelly Pavlik. The announcement was made by Top Rank Promotions President Todd DuBoef via his twitter account.

Brandon Rios (25-0-1, 18 KO's) is the unbeaten lightweight contender and the current NABF Lightweight champion. On the other hand, Omri Lowther (14-2-0) is the former WBA's Fedecarib champion on 2009 but stripped off when he declined to defend the title.

Who do you think will win the Rios vs. Lowther fight?

Pacquiao vs Margarito Fight Week

The final week of the much anticipated boxing match of the season is here! The fight week for the Margarito vs. Pacquiao fight on November 13, 2010 is heating up. Sport sites, blogs, social medias and many more are all buzzing the bout between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito.

Promotional advertisement and news relating to the bout is everywhere! Yes, every minute you'll definitely get some tweet, status updates and etc. These stuffs really intensifies the happenings leading to the Saturday night boxing slug-fest. The fight tackles and features final preparations, public media workout, fighters interviews and the weigh-in on the day before the bout. See the schedule on a post I recently posted.

Team Pacquiao vs. Team Margarito clash in a spectacular Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Who do you think will win victoriously? Let Pacquiao and Margarito do the talking inside the boxing ring! So Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito Online and see LIVE the duel of two great pugilist.

Watch Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 Episode 3

Catch the all new episode of HBO Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 series tonight at 10:45PM only at HBO. The latest installment of 24/7 leading the road of Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight on Nov. 13 is quite a revelation of emotions, trainings and latest buzz on both teams.

“This is not an easy opponent, he’s taller than me…bigger than me.” Watch what Manny Pacquiao has to say about his upcoming match with Antonio Margarito.

Did you miss to Watch Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 Episode 3? Watch the full video of the latest installment of HBO 24/7 series. Then, Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 Episode 4 will be air on November 12 (9:30-10:00 p.m. ET/6:30-7:00 p.m. PT).

What is your Pacquiao vs. Margarito Prediction?

What is your prediction for the upcoming super fight of Pacquiao vs. Margarito? It's almost a week to go and the clash of PacMan and the Tijuana Tornado will storm the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The blow by blow PPV fight which is gonna display both fighters aggressiveness, power and speed.

Lastly, I wrote basic boxing analysis for the upcoming Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito. On the article, I explained the difference of both fighters capacities and capabilities! Now, the recent controversies and buzz centering on both fighters which really give some more intriguing atmosphere for the bout. Recently, some boxing pundits and even fans were worrying on Pacquiao skipping his trainings. Meanwhile, Margarito did really good on his trainings as his team said on news.

My prediction is Pacquaio for a knockout! Amidst the trouble on his trainings, he will surely give such good fight if Margarito will battle hand by hand. For sure Pacquiao will display some new punches that was never seen before.

Speak out! What is your Pacquiao vs. Margarito Prediction?

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Fight Promotional Showdown

The anticipated bout of the season between the pound for pound king and the reigning WBO Welterweight champion versus Mexico's Tijuana Tornado is just around the corner. With its nearing date, it also a showdown of different promotional advertisement of the upcoming fight. One example of it is the "Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito Fight" which comes on paid and free basis.

The Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight will be available on Pay-Per-View (PPV) subscriptions via HBO Sports. Some cinema outlets, bar/resto and event gymnasium do offer to broadcast the bout of our very own Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao. So, mark your calendar on November 13, 2010 LIVE from the Dallas Stadium in Arlington, Texas! The lives of every person will momentarily stop for a moment to give way the super welterweight showdown of Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito!

Laurence Cole is Pacquiao vs. Margarito Referee

The Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight has find the third man that will be standing in the middle between the two fighters inside the boxing ring. Laurence Cole will be the man with blue collard shirt and will serving as the referee of the Nov. 13 WBC super welterweight bout the Cowboys Stadium.

Cole was selected over San Antonio's Rafael Ramos. He is considered "competent but erratic" said by one boxing veteran of the state.

The even intriguing referee will be the key man of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito fight. This will be adding some heat and hype of the upcoming fight.

Now, will you Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito on Nov. 13?

HBO Full Coverage of Pacquiao-Margarito Fight

HBO is schedule to provide boxing fans blow by blow coverage and live access on the upcoming super welterweight title fight between Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito on Nov. 13 on HBO Pay-Per-View (PPV).

Beginning on Nov. 8, boxing fans can follow the fight week events of the Pacquiao vs. Margarito bout. Fans can access high quality articles and live streaming on the much highlighted weigh in on Nov. 12.

The following is the schedule of LIVE webcast events for the Pacquia vs. Margarito fight:

Tuesday, Nov. 9:
1:30PM ET
Fighter workouts followed by interviews

Wednesday, Nov 10:
2:00PM ET

Boxing historian Bert Sugar & Insider Kieran Mulvaney discuss strengths, weaknesses and what each fighter must do to win
Final press conference – streamed live from Cowboys Stadium
Reporter Predictions

Friday, Nov. 12:
5:30PM ET

Official live weigh-in from Cowboys Stadium
Interviews with special guests and reporters
Roundtable with HBO commentators Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman and Emanuel Steward

Ines Sainz picks Margarito over Pacquiao

An exclusive interview of FanHouse video grapher, Elie Seckbach to Ines Sainz of TV Azteca, a Mexican television reporter who had been hired by Top Rank Promotions to cover the HBO pay per view televised Nov. 13 clash between WBO welterweight (147 pounds) champion and seven-division king Manny Pacquiao and former Antonio Margarito for the vacant WBC junior middleweight (154 pounds) belt at The Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Here's an excerpt of the interview:
Elie Seckbach: What do you think of Antonio Margarito after watching him train?

Ines Sainz: Well, I think that he's great. He's in the best shape of his whole career.

Who is going to win, Manny Pacquiao or Antonio Margarito?

Margarito, of course. I'm from Mexico, and I think that right now, it's time for the Mexican boxer. So, he's going to win.

What do you think of Manny Pacquiao after watching him train?

Well, I think that he's training very hard, also, and he's a professional, too. So, I really believe that it's going to be a great, great fight. But, my heart is with the Mexican boxer.

Do you have a prediction?

No. I think that they winner here is going to be the boxers, because the fight is going to be amazing. And, I really believe that Margarito has a really good chance to come out with the victory.
You who do you pick to win the Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight on Nov. 13?

Watch Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 Episode 2 Recap & Replay

In the second installment of HBO Pacquiao-Margarito 24/7 series which debuted Saturday night (Oct. 30). Margarito and coach Robert Garcia discussed some points on Pacquiao last fight against Joshua Clottey. The proud trainer explained how poorly the pound for pound king fight was which will be different when he face Margarito!

On the other hand, Pacquiao team was said in trouble! I don't know if fans will be happy with this but a lot of pundits really observed the lack of focus of the PacMan on his final phase of training. Pacquiao is known everywhere and has a lot of commitment which he can't afford to regret.

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Now, do you think Pacquiao is ready for a total slug fest on Nov. 13? Or we are just blinded by some things here? I feel something will happen on the fight and this keep myself to Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight.

Have you watch the Pacquiao/Margarito 24/7 episode? Watch the full video below and see the exclusive happenings on both camps of the upcoming Pacquiao vs. Margarito bout!

Antonio Margarito trains so hard!

Days to go before the biggest boxing fight of the "Tijuana Tornado" in the Cowboys Dallas Stadium against a formidable and crowd favorite pugilist no other than Manny "Mexicutioner" Pacquiao. The Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight promoted by the Top Rank Promotions is scheduled on Nov. 13, 2010 and will be broadcast/distribute on Pay-Per-View by HBO Sports.

Question: How hard did Antonio Margarito trained for the upcoming bout?

Antonio Margarito trained with Robert Garcia
Antonio "Tijuana Margarito" Margarito (38-6) of Mexico is training harder than ever before in Oxnard, California with trainer Robert Garcia.

"I am training very hard. For this fight we will be training for nine weeks. My routine is the same every day. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and I jog. I run for about 45 or 50 minutes, sometimes up to an hour. We run in different places. Sometimes we go to the beach, or to the mountains, or we go to a park here in Oxnard, which is where we're training now. We were in L.A. for two weeks when we started training, but now we're in Oxnard."
So, do you think this is enough to demolish the no. 1 pound for pound king? Well, there's only one answer for that! We must watch the Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito!

Pacquiao's LAX Arrival

Manny Pacquiao with his team arrived at the LAX international airport night of Oct. 23. The place was jam pack with supporters, fans and medias all waiting for the pound for pound king. The final and crucial phase on Pacquiao's training and preparation for his WBC title match against Antonio Margarito on Nov. 13 at the Dallas Cowboys stadium.

Freddie Roach answered questions on his plan to build up, harden and execute the most vigorous training in order to catch up with the so called late pick up on Pacquiao because of so many distractions. Now the PacMan is back on Wild Card Gym! Will he give us a one hell great fight this Nov. 13? 2HQST7WQ4625

Pacquiao/Margarito 24/7 Episode 1 Recap & Replay

Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 episode 1 aired on Oct. 23. Let us take a look back on the premiere episode of HBO reality drama series which hypes up the anticipated boxing match of the season. The first 30 minute episode commenced with the introduction on both fighters. Pacquiao on his eight world title crack while Margarito to prove his existence and get back his name.

Pacquiao and his team was being interviewed on the Philippines. His trainer Freddie Roach discussed some things on his fighter preparation for Margarito. Although, Roach is worried about the duty of Pacquiao. Then, switch to Margarito camp, the man still insist that he doesn't knew the loaded thing on his boxing gloves on his last fight with Shane Mosley.

The two expresses a lot more stuffs on this episode! So, don't miss the next episode of the four part Pacquiao vs. Margarito HBO 24/7 series.

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(Did you missed the episode? Watch the reply for free!)

Speed and Technique vs. Size and Pressure

Previously I posted my first analysis on the upcoming Pacquiao vs. Margarito PPV match. Now, I'll be adding another exclusive point of view inspired by the EastSide Boxing article however this is my own version.

Days to the Nov. 13 showdown is countable and very fast! Most of us are really anticipating a great fight coming from the pound for pound king Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao against an aggressive and determined opponent Antonio "Tijuana Tornado" Margarito.

Pacquiao is undeniable known for his power punches on both hands, determination, speed and incredible techniques. He sharpened his talents over years on his career with the help of a monster boxer trainer, Freddie Roach. Now, Pacquiao with his team bragged that the key for their success over Margarito was his polish Speed and special technique dedicated for the Tijuana Tornado.

Do you think Pacquiao can make it?

On the other hand, Margarito, the controversial and suspended boxer on his attempt to regain his name and redemption. He has the size and will surely be coming on the fight ready, determined and aggressive! He said on interviews that his size will answer the speed of Pacquiao. Then, he put some pressure so that the PacMan can get his regular momentum inside the ring. Will he succeed on his plans?

Both fighters will come to this November match well prepared and loaded! It's gonna be a great fight! All I can say "Prepare, Be Ready and Sit Back". It's gonna be a total boxing fight so let us all wait for the day of the fight. So, don't miss it and Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight on your local listings!

HBO's Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 featured Amir Khan

WBA Light Welterweight champion Amir Khan is scheduled to defend his belt in December against Argentinean puncher Marcos Maidana. He was co featured in the latest series of HBO's Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7.

Amir Khan interviewed by HBO
The arising British star was interviewed by HBO after preparation in the Philippines earlier today, presumptively focusing on his experiences so far in Pacquiao's Baguio urban center preparation summer camp.

Khan is presently concentrating on his posture and conditioning with Alex Ariza after a slenderly continued absence from the hoop after vanquishing Paulie Malignaggi in Crataegus laevigata, and away from sparring with Pacquiao at some point in time will in all probability too bring in his ain mates closer to his fight.

After business organisations about the early part of his education, Pacquiao is immediately making up for lost time, and has cut down on the distractions that had several missed clarence days of roadwork.

As a sparring mate Khan is physically alike in size and turn over to Margarito, but has a radically different expressive style, which has principal some to query the meritoriousness of him trailing with Pacquiao. Likewise Pacquiao stands real minuscule resemblance to Caravanserai's adversary Marcos Maidana in either size or expressive style, although the sparring should serve to sharpen both forward of their several binges.

The HBO Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 premieres on Saturday, October 23, 2010. Don't miss it!

INÉS SAINZ for Pacquiao vs. Margarito Bout

Top Rank denoted that international television athletic newsperson INÉS SAINZ has been signed to supply casual competitiveness hebdomad accounts and characteristics and be region of the international program squad for the Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito World Super Welterweight Championship. Pacquiao vs. Margarito will take place, Saturday, Nov 13 at the $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX and will be diffused live on pay-per-view in the U.S.

Sainz, a athleticses newsman for TV Azteca in México and Azteca America in the United States of America, will utilize her immense experience interviewing athleticses personalities from around the globe in making fresh and insightful accounts from the scrappers' ingroups throughout fight hebdomad, also as alive accounts from the official press conferences, media physical exercises, the official weigh-in, all of which will be available to online portal sites besides as television stations and nets via orbiter fertilises. Sainz will as well be reporting on the pre-fight celebrations during combat night at Cowboys Stadium too as portion of the combat's international broadcasting team.

On Nov. 13, there no chance to miss the BIG fight between the Pacman and the Tijuana Tornado plus the very stunning reporter to hand and hand give us updates of the fight. So, will you Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito or still not?

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Betting Odds

The Pacquiao vs. Margarito Super Welterweight fight on Nov. 13, 2010 at the Cowboys Stadium is getting hotter and extremely exciting. The betting has dramatically changed from the previous one where everyone looks on the more popular pound for pound king.

As of the moment, here's the latest betting odds coming off on some online betting sites. So, sit back and relax and see the numbers that not really a one sided fight.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Betting Odds

  • Manny Pacquiao -575
  • Antonio Margarito +375
Pacquiao is undeniably the favorite one of this fight but we can't really underestimate his opponent which is more bigger than him. This is a factor that leaded to some changes on the bet today.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Over/Under

  • Over 9.5 rounds +130
  • Under 9.5 rounds -170
Here you can see that the over-under betting line for Pacquiao vs. Margarito favorites the fight being stopped in 9 or less rounds. That stems from the Margarito stoppage loss to Mosley, as well as Pacquiao's string of big knockout wins.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Undercard Bouts

The upcoming Pacquiao vs. Margarito super welterweight on Nov. 13, 2010 is anticipated to give some spark of one hell boxing entertainment. In order for this to succeed, the event must have also have a great lineup of under cards fights that will boost the main event.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito
There are three fights before the PacMan and the Tijuana Tornado stepped on the boxing canvas. The first fight on list is the 10 round welterweight clash between undefeated Mike "M.J." Jones and Mexican boxer Jesus "Renuente" Soto-Karass for 10 rounds in Welterweight division.

The second bout on list is the showdown of Cuban star Guillermo "The Jackal" Rigondeaux against Panamian Ricardo "Maestrito" Cordoba for the WBA Interim Featherweight title.

Lastly, the final match before the main bout is the battle of former WBC and WBO Middleweight champion Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik versus Texas born Bryan Vera. Although, the card was changed recently because of an injury to Pavlik. Now, Brandon Rios battles against Omri Lowther in a 10-round Lightweight showdown.

Will you Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito Fight?

The boxing showdown between the Pound for Pound king Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao against former three time world champion Antonio "Tijuana Tornado" Margarito is set on Nov. 13 at the Cowboys Stadium.

I am wondering if you can answer this question: Will you Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito Fight?

Buzzing around the world wide web where pundits, fans and boxing aficionados justly asked if people will watch it. I admit that every individuals has its own opinion towards the upcoming PacMarg bout. There are some who says it's a one sided favoring the more popular Pacquiao. On the other hand, some people said Margarito has the size and power to overthrow the Pacman.

The Pacquiao vs. Margarito amidst controversies on it will surely make through. I see this fight as a good one because Pacquiao as an aggressive fighter and Margarito who is determined to regain his name. So, prepare for a total boxing slug-fest as we Watch Pacquiao vs. Margarito on Nov. 13!

Pacquiao Speed vs. Margarito Size - What will dominate?

The road to the Pacquiao vs. Margarito super welterweight fight is nearing. The two key fighters will be facing each other for the vacant crown? Who do you think will win on November 13, 2010?

Pacquiao vs. MargaritoAlright, let us list down the abilities and specialties of both pugilists. This will help us generalize the analysis of the upcoming fight.

Manny Pacquiao is known for his hand speed, aggressiveness and incredible power. Henfought so many Mexican where mostly received his power punches on both left and right arms. He has the so called unpredictable punch.

Antonio Margarito has the size, reach and height. He's also an all out boxer who will go hand on hand on his opponent.

Now, it's Pacquiao Speed vs. Margarito Size what will prevail on Nov. 13? The Pacquiao vs. Margarito is gonna be an exciting battle of two fighters who is scheduled to bring a total boxing entertainment. Why? Let the numbers and the fight itself surprise you all on the fight date.

Watch HBO Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7

Pacquiao vs. Margarito HBO 24-7HBO's Emmy award winning reality series 24/7 returns on October 23, 2010 on HBO with the headline Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7. The four-part series will provide behind the scenes footages into both fighters training camps, interviews, the preparation, hypes and the drama.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito 24/7 Schedule

Episode 1 - Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010 (10:00 - 10:30 PM)
Episode 2 - Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010 (10:00 - 10:30 PM)
Episode 3 - Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010 (10:45 - 11:15 PM)
Episode 4 - Friday, Nov. 12, 2010 (9:30 - 10 PM)

HBO President Ross Greenburg said on his statement that the 24/7 will look deeply on Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito. New challenges for Pacquiao as he aim for eight world title shot and the return of Margarito on the ring amidst the controversies of his last fight.

Will you Watch 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito? Catch the series premiere this coming Oct 23. Don't miss it!

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Texas Media Tour Photos

Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito media tour at the Cowboys Stadium, Arlington in Texas. This is the finale on their scheduled Pacquiao vs. Margarito Media Tour. On the event, the owner of the Cowboys Stadium himself Jerry Jones pose with Pacquiao and Margarito with the cheerleaders girls to promote the upcoming clash of two on November 13, 2010 for the WBC Junior Middleweight title.

Above is the photos of the event. The two fighters wear the special sport uniform of the place. The proud owner pose with the two fighters as they officially promotes the fight on Nov. 13. Are you ready to witness the Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight?

HBO Face-Off Pacquiao vs. Margarito with Max Kellerman

Every HBO PPV fight comes the meeting of fighters and coach with HBO Boxing analyst Max Kellerman. This is a routine in order to get the sentiments and opinions of fighters to their upcoming bout.

In the latest offering of HBO Face-off: Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito with their trainers Freddie Roach and Robert Garcia, sat side by side with them respectively. A hot meeting which opens the never ending controversial on Margarito's illegal hand wraps on his previous fight with Shane Mosley. Antonio still denied the accusation and didn't know it. The incident caused him a suspension. On the other hand, Pacquiao express that in order to satisfy the fans they must trained hard. Watch the HBO Face-off preview below from

HBO 24/7 Pacquiao/Margarito premieres October 23, 2010. The Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight is on November 13, 2010 on HBO PPV at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito Official Media Tour

Pound for Pound king and ten-time world champions Manny Pacquiao and the "Tijuana Tornado" Antonio Margarito with Top Rank boss promoter Bob Arum is set to visit selected cities to officially promotes the upcoming boxing showdown of Pacquiao vs. Margarito World Light Middleweight Championship.

The big bout will take place on Saturday, September 13, 2010 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It is promoted by Top Rank Promotions in association of Cowboys Stadium and MP Promotions. The fight will be produced and distributed LIVE on HBO Pay-Per-View.

The media tour scheduled as follows:

Tuesday, August 31 at 11 a.m. PT: The Beverly Hills Hotel - Rodeo Room, (9641 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills, Calif. 90210)

Wednesday, September 1 at 11:30 a.m. ET: Chelsea Piers - Pier 60 (23rd St. & The Hudson River, New York, NY 10011).

Friday, September 3 at 11:30 a.m. CT: Cowboys Stadium - East Plaza (900 East Randol Mill Rd., Arlington, TX 76011).

Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito Fight Official

Manny Pacquiao has officially give way the fight with the Mexican fighter Antonio Margarito. The long awaited comeback of the pound for pound king is set on November 13, 2010 at the Cowboys Stadium, Texas, USA.

Previously, Pacquiao team was negotiating with Mayweather Jr. camp for the second time for a BIG boxing showdown. The boxing fans and sports aficionados wanted to see the fight of Pacquiao and Mayweather. The fight of both top pugilists will answer the question of "Who is the best Pound for Pound King?". But, it so sad to say the negotiation did not work well again.

The Top Rank Promotions headed by Bob Arum picked a selection of fighters for possible replacement to Mayweather. There was Cotto for a rematch and Margarito in a catch weight bout. Lastly, they selected Margarito for the way he fights and that will be a great challenge to the pound for pound king. The negotiation for Pacquiao vs. Margarito Fight commence but there was a problem about the venue of the fight for the reason that Margarito has no boxing license in US because of the illegal thing he did on his fight with Mosley. But lately, it was finally announced that the Tornado secured his license at hand.

So, clash of the Pacman vs. the Tornado is finally official. The rumble continues at the Cowboys stadium! So are you ready to rumble in the Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito match?